Jessica Little


I am an up coming artist that is a little messy and adore what I do, mainly applying myself to portrait pieces using vibrant and sometimes brooding colours to depict the demeanour or personality of my subjects. My work also imitates the colourful and frantic everyday energy that I face. 
I also enjoys creating conceptual pieces designed to be more affordable and compact in order to help art become something that any human being can enjoy rather than being for the few and the privileged. 
I primarily paint people that I am attracted to through the colour, marks and energy in their facial detail! Faces fascinate me. This ensures that each piece that I work on is a wash with kaleidoscopic colour and born out of genuine joy, intrigue and excitement. 
Painting has always been the biggest passion in my life (apart from love, family,camembert and bubbles in my alcohol) and I am so immensely proud and grateful to be able to exhibit and sell each and every piece that I can.

I am currently working towards putting on my first solo show in Brighton.